In which cities is it possible to make an order?

Israel is a fantastic country! Explore it by going on a tourist or business trip! There are so many interesting and diverse directions that the best decision is to rent a car. You will be able to organize an unforgettable trip by car easily, quickly, and effectively with the 123 Trip Tel Aviv travel company.

The best car for any occasion

Order and get your rental car at the appointed time. The 123 Trip Tel Aviv company and its car rental in Israel are the beginning of your journey. We offer popular premium cars, comfortable minibuses, and large buses. You choose the transport that matches your plan, taste, and status.

Use the 123 Trip Tel Aviv website to book a car in the following cities online and in advance:

  • Tel Aviv;
  • Jerusalem;
  • Haifa;
  • Eilat;
  • Netanya;
  • Ashdod;
  • Herzliya;
  • Tiberias;
  • Beer-Sheva.

Don’t waste your time searching for the means of transportation in Israel – rent them from 123 Trip Tel Aviv! You will be served at any time of day from anywhere in the country! The car will always be ready on time.

A car with a personal driver in Israel: everything is available

If you don’t want to drive a car yourself, the 123 Trip Tel Aviv company offers the opportunity to travel with a certified driver. Sit back and relax. Discover Israel with outstanding service in a comfortable vehicle of excellent quality. Enjoy your trip and explore the history and modern times:

  • old Jerusalem and new Jerusalem;
  • Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa;
  • the Red Sea in Eilat;
  • resorts of the Dead Sea and the Masada fortress;
  • Ein Gedi – an oasis in the Judean desert;
  • the Banias Nature Reserve and Golan Heights;
  • Galilee and Nazareth – the cradle of Christianity;
  • ancient Caesarea;
  • the port of Haifa on the slopes of Mount Carmel.

A private driver will ensure safety and adapt the trip to your tastes: route, the temperature in the car, radio station. This is a professional. He will be your companion, consultant, and friend on the route. He will help you navigate, find hotels, restaurants, places for tours, communicate with locals. You can calmly do your business and not worry about the situation on the roads. Include the services of a personal driver in the car rental package, and your trip will become flexible, informal, and culturally diverse. Trust the experience of the 123 Trip Tel Aviv company!

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