Car rental with or without a driver?

Many travelers, who are planning a trip to Israel and want to save money, decide to use public transport. As a result, the vacation is rushed, they don’t have time to see all the sights, and good impressions are overshadowed by long moving from one point to another. So if you want to get the most out of the trip, car rental in Israel is the best way for a calm and full-fledged trip.

Benefits of renting a car with a private driver

Using public transport is problematic, as the ignorance of optimal routes makes it difficult to move freely around the country. In addition, many taxi drivers take advantage of inexperienced tourists’ lack of knowledge and choose a longer path to get more money.

If you want to get from one point to another as safely and quickly as possible, a car with a private driver is at your disposal. This service opens wonderful opportunities for tourists, allows them to visit hard-to-reach places, and offers the following benefits:

  • Absolute freedom of movement. You can go to anywhere in Israel.
  • Professionalism of the staff. Our drivers are fluent in various languages and well versed in the geography, history, and culture of Israel.
  • Confidentiality. Your identity, route, and schedule will never be disclosed to uncertified parties.
  • High-class service. The drivers of our company comply with your schedule and adapt to any changes, which may occur along the way.

The company monitors the technical condition of the vehicles, so the probability of their breakdown along the way is minimized. Using our service, you can easily book the most suitable option in one click.

Car with a private driver — tips for rental

The 123 Trip Tel Aviv company will let you fully enjoy the trip to the Holy Land. We can do everything: from a business trip to a panoramic tour of the Mediterranean coast to the amazing Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee. Our drivers are experienced, punctual, and friendly. Clients enjoy their undivided attention 24/7. To make your trip perfect, you should discuss several things when booking a car with a driver:

  1. The number of people traveling with you.
  2. The presence of children.
  3. The budget you have available.
  4. Type of car that is acceptable for you (sedan, minivan, minibus).

Whatever your destination is, we will take you there with maximum comfort! Enjoy every moment of your stay in this wonderful corner of the world and don’t worry about technical and logistics problems.

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